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Academic Titles:Professor of Linguistics and Head of the Department of Linguistics at BLCU
Other Post:Guest Professor at Vienna University; Guest Professor at Yili Normal University
School/Department:Faculty of Linguistic Sciences

Fuzhen Susan Si



Education Level:博士研究生

Alma Mater:PhD of Linguistics, BLCU/MIT Post-Doc

Research Focus

Current position: Home / Research Focus

[1]  Theoretical Linguistics 理论语言学

[2]  Studies on Syntactic Cartography(句法制图研究)

[3]  Chomskyan Linguistics and Philosophy 乔姆斯基语言学及哲学思想研究

[4]  Chinese Morph-Syntax and Comparative Syntax汉语语法及汉外形态-句法比较研究

[5]  Biolinguistics 生物语言学

[6]  History of Generative Grammar 生成语法学史

[7]  Scientific Methodology in Linguistics 语言学研究方法

[8]  Language Motivations 语言理据研究

[9]  Language and Human Cognition 语言与认知科学研究